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Referrers roundup for The Other Side

"what the fuck this is the best fucking thing i have seen in forever how" - awesome comment left on YouTube today. :D

We've had over 12,000 views at, which is awesome, IMO. As someone who is interested in Where Fandom Is These Days, I thought this list of our referrers was pretty telling--LJ definitely isn't dead, but it's not where most of the action is anymore, either.

In a totally awesome twist, our third most frequent referrer was from TG Comics, a transgender comic site with a focus on erotic comics (as far as I can tell--if someone is a regular over there, I'd love to hear more about it). The discussion over there was quite in depth! I actually think that is a similar site, but they required a login so I'm not sure.

Top referrers to The Other Side's official site
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