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Sticky post: The Other Side (complete)

This is the complete version of The Other Side, our fan film based on the TV show, Supernatural. It is an alternate S3 finale episode written by Naomi Novik, directed and produced by counteragent, and produced in association with WaveParticle Films. Check out our official website for credits and more.

We've had over 13,000 views on YouTube from fans like you!  THANK YOU to everyone who helped us bring this labor of love to fruition!

Find The Other Side at:
Our official website | LJ | You Tube | Tumblr | Tumblr post 2 | Tumblr post 3 | What People are Saying | AO3 | Facebook coming soon

- Full Hi-res file can be saved via KeepVid or similar function from the complete film post on You Tube
- Download The Other Side low res .mp4 (good for iPod, iPhone, etc.) 202 MB file

Remix/linking/sharing policy:

- Feel free to link, remix, share, etc. on any platform.
- Fanworks based on The Other Side are enthusiastically welcomed.
- Citing your source is always appreciated.
- We only ask you do not claim you contributed to the film if you did not.

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