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This is the complete version of The Other Side, our fan film based on the TV show, Supernatural. It is an alternate S3 finale episode written by Naomi Novik, directed and produced by counteragent, and produced in association with WaveParticle Films. Check out our official website for credits and more.

We've had over 13,000 views on YouTube from fans like you!  THANK YOU to everyone who helped us bring this labor of love to fruition!

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applegeuse made a podfic of a story about a fan film about a TV show --- YAY! :D

[podfic] Mystery Dance by applegeuse
Fandom: Supernatural: The Other Side (Fan Film), Supernatural
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Additional Tags: Podfic, Podfic Length: 45-60 Minutes, Audio Format: MP3, Audio Format: M4B, Audio Format: Streaming, Genderswap, Sexswap, Gender Issues, Sexual disfunction, Trans Character

This is a podfic of balder12's fic "Mystery Dance," which is itself a sequel to the SPN fanfilm "The Other Side," made by counteragent and written by Naomi Novik.
Summary: Set after the events of "The Other Side." Dean and Sam struggle with the way their new female bodies change their relationship with the world and each other.  Length: 00:53:01


Two The Other Side things!

1. The indomitable thursdaysisters (who beta'd much of the film as well) wrote this very funny TOS sequel fanfic, "The Marriage Plot".

2. I made this short intro video for missyjack's party in Melbourne at which they are showing The Other Side. It's going on right now. :D It's a bit of a "the making of" based on questions missyjack sent me. I would have loved to go into more detail (especially heaping more love on specific cast and crew members--divanoir, I'm looking at you) but as it was being shown at a party I couldn't make it too long.


SPN party in Australia, showing The Other Side \o/

counteragent adds: I'm so excited to announce that The Other Side is being shown at a big party in Melbourne! Thanks, missyjack!

Originally posted by missyjack at The Family Business
Not sure how many Melbourne fans are around here - but maybe you can signal boost if you know someone who might be interested.

SPN fan meetup in Melbourne!
Join other Supernatural fans for a night celebrating those denim-glad nightmares and that pretty boy angel!

There will be a big screen showing of the short Supernatural fan film "The Other Side" by Counteragent Films and written by Naomi Novik author of the Temeraire novels, the Season 8 gag reel, and a SuperWiki trivia quiz with some great prizes.

The night will be powered by a soundtrack of classic rock, and SPN themed cocktails and mocktails including the infamous purple nurple.

Date: 7.30pm. Friday 11th October
Entry: $15 OR $10 concession or for those in cosplay or with SPN tattoos!

Venue is the worlds best Queer Bookshop Hares and Hyenas (63 Johnston St Fitzroy). It is wheelchair accessible, and also has a full bar and café facilities. And a mirror ball.

Referrers roundup for The Other Side

"what the fuck this is the best fucking thing i have seen in forever how" - awesome comment left on YouTube today. :D

We've had over 12,000 views at, which is awesome, IMO. As someone who is interested in Where Fandom Is These Days, I thought this list of our referrers was pretty telling--LJ definitely isn't dead, but it's not where most of the action is anymore, either.

In a totally awesome twist, our third most frequent referrer was from TG Comics, a transgender comic site with a focus on erotic comics (as far as I can tell--if someone is a regular over there, I'd love to hear more about it). The discussion over there was quite in depth! I actually think that is a similar site, but they required a login so I'm not sure.

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